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Tachyon Sessions


This is energy brought from the zero point field to allow you to feel clear, peaceful, and relaxed..  I will use Tachyon Rods, Source love Rods, and a Tachyon Plate to usher in this perfect energy to radiate into your field.


In this session we will clear and release anything blocking your energetic system, call in higher vibrational energies, and manifest for pure and clear alignment.  This healing is meant for anyone who wants to create new possibilities from a clear and high vibrational state of being using specific commands for healing as well as any personalized intentions you might have.  


During these sessions, many people feel their bodies tremble or gently tingle, releasing stagnant energy and experience total calm.  Many feel an overall feeling of peace. Some people even experience imagery of what is clearing for them! Staying in alignment of your highest vibrational self is taking utmost care of your overall physical, mental, and spiritual energy body and this is a resource for you to do just that! I will also show you how to use this energy at home so you can call on it anytime to assist you in your personal healing practice!


Listed below are the ways that implementing Tachyon in your practice can assist your well being:


  • Restores and aligns chakra systems to a healthy zero point.

  • Tachyon fields amplify the intention being manifested:  Such as healing the body, mind or emotions.

  • Tachyon heightens awareness and opens dimensional portals so memory blocks can be  released.

  • Tachyon promotes ultra DEEP and MEANINGFUL meditation.  

  • Tachyon assists the body in detoxification in a gentle way allowing generational and DNA healing to occur.

60 minutes - $139 / 90 minutes - $199


Reiki Healing


Reiki energy provides us with the foundation of care and keeping of our energy bodies in a way that supports our overall physical, emotional, and mental wellness.  In doing so, we keep our energetic field clear so as to allow our bodies to clear energetic blocks.  When we maintain a clear energetic field we steer ourselves out of stress, anxiety, depression, and dis-ease, so  our lives flow with abundance and prosperity!


 I will send this energy with my hands hovering, or through distance, to your chakra system.  Both of these options are equally powerful in transmitting the light to your energy body.  Oftentimes during Reiki, I will channel messages or allow Light Language to guide the session.  I will ask you if you prefer I talk through the session with what you are receiving or if you prefer I stay silent and share afterwards what came through for you.    


When received on a consistent basis, a focused Reiki practice can increase personal experiences of the following:

  • Improves body’s natural healing processes (may help reduce symptoms)

  • Speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness

  • Reduce side effects from medicines or treatments (especially with chemo-therapy patients)

  • May prevent some health issues

  • Assists the body in clearing out toxins

  • Improves emotional, mental and spiritual well-being (balances mind and emotions such as fear, frustration, and anger)

  • Balances mental health: enhancing learning, memory, and mental clarity

  • Help heal emotional wounds

  • Relief from emotional distress or sorrow when going through the grieving process

  • Reduces stress

  • Helps people to feel more at peace, or in harmony

  • Allows greater capacity for empathy and love

  • Improves self-confidence

  • Helps cope with challenging life scenarios


60 minutes - $169/ 90 minutes - $239 


Crystalline Soul Healing

Crystalline Soul Healing resonates deeply with the soul. It is a template that reprograms the instructions and interactions of the DNA through the Higher Self. All beings are created perfectly and at times, we need a little balancing and clearing as well.  We focus on healing the DNA because it is in every single cell and it holds your genetic instructions.  Epitgenetics has proven that renewal and replication are activated in many ways.  This healing creates shifts in the DNA and RNA, the interface between your energetic body and your physical body.  

I will use this modality to clear patterns, beliefs, emotions, timelines, misinformation and trauma that inhibits the natural, loving communication of your Life.  In the session we will both receive and share information for where and how the healing is occurring in your physical and emotional body. The information that comes through is meant to assist your understanding of the invisible information that is creating your life. Many people say they experience feeling more clear, lighter, or that something has lifted/shifted within them.


This modality is meant for anyone who wants to:


  • Clear and release unhealthy patterns or limiting belief systems.

  • Dissolve old traumas out of their energy system

  • Balance out and heal emotions

  • Feel empowered and sovereign in your personal energetic system.

  • Clear out conditions and conditional patterning to see your clear truth

60 minutes - $169 / 90 minutes - $239

Image by Tom Gainor

Light Language


Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. It is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light. It adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing.  This language is not meant to be translated word for word, however both the transmitter and receiver will feel the truth of the message. Light Language speaks directly to the heart, your largest electromagnetic field in your body and therefore, bypasses mental constructs to activate healing.  Your intent drives the message of the transmission, therefore, the healing occurs because your inner wisdom knows exactly what is needed to best support your well being.  

This offering is included with your Crystalline Soul Healing experience. In this session I will pull cards directed by your higher self with messages that are calling your attention at this time.  I will channel these messages chosen specifically for you.  The language will come through in the form of signing, writing, or speaking and is meant specifically for your unique expression!  Many people experience a release through tears, laughter, or sensations of bliss and lightness.  Often, people understand exactly why the cards were pulled for this specific moment in their lives, offering comfort in honor of their process.  


Light Language allows you to:


  • Remember and feel your connection to the messages from your higher self

  • Heal mental barriers by dissolving barriers of the heart. 

  • Speak directly to your DNA, activating and recording your personal vibrational signature in accordance with your higher self.

  • Honor your individuality and your personal journey 

  • Feel guided, supported, connected, and protected

  • Helps people to feel more at peace, or in harmony

  • Allows greater capacity for empathy and love


Entity Clearing and Space Removal  

Sometimes a person or a home will experience a negative entity can affect the mind and body of a person in the form of extreme body pains, depression, headaches, negative feelings, negative dreams, extreme anger and emotional disturbances, lack of sleep, etc. If anyone experiences these things with the recognition that it doesn't feel like it is "yours", we can look into an entity clearing.  

Similarly, if you sense that you are in a home, space, or place that could use an energetic clean up ; a space clearing is an excellent treatment to your well-being.  Because everything carries an energy, both of these services will shift the vibration of your personal and physical home to create homeostasis and balance again.  

Personal Clearing and Space Clearing 

Time Varies 

Single Offering - $55

Option for Both - $88

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