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Lauren is a Retreat Facilitator, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist, and Intuitive Healer. In her career she has served over 3thousand one on one clients and hosted over a dozen retreats.


 It is her great pleasure to provide people with a space and the tools to connect themselves back into the power that has always existed within them. The deepest passion Lauren has is to open the window for people to their own psychic and intuitive abilities. 

Lauren’s 1:1 sessions includes Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Tachyon Technology, and Intuitive Guidance to clear the path and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul.  She will share any information that comes through from your higher self, guiding ones, and your angels. 


Lauren will use Tachyon Technology to increase the magnitude of the healing and focus the flow of energy. Your session will include Tachyon infused Rods & a Table Plate to direct the Tachyon and Reiki energies throughout your subtle and physical energy field. In doing so, this healing allows any emotional imprints, traumas, patterns, etc. to be released, achieving optimal well being. 


She also uses Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in or let go of particular energies to further clear your field  and bring forth more calm, confident & content energy. Lauren’s healings are always in alignment with Love and with the Higher Self of each person, to help support the soul’s desire for healing and awakening.


Lauren’s entire practice centers around sharing knowledge and creating personal experiences for clients to utilize the highest forms of energy available, so they can best understand and amplify their own energy.  After one session of her offerings, you can expect to feel a difference in your body, mind, and spirit.  Many go into a deep meditative state, others may find they see imagery, or have a dialogue with their higher selves while in the theta state.  You will leave feeling more embodied, lighter, and clear headed.  After a few sessions, you will discover how your energy can shift and impact your life for the highest and best potentiality of YOU!

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