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A Retreat for Women

Your four day immersion into a sacred healing space awaits you! We have availability for 12 women to join us in an unforgettable and transformational weekend of shifting your vibration! This retreat will utilize healing technologies, the medicine of the sacred land, inside out pampering, healing tools for you to learn, and the collective shared heart experiences to awaken the wisdom of your soul.
You can expect to feel aligned, connected, and rejuvenated. 

As women, we know who we are.  This retreat is rediscover our innate power, passions, and gifts as leaders on this planet.



UPCOMING RETREAT April 27-30 and June 1-4 in Sedona

Your retreat includes the following:

  • All Organic Breakfast, Lunches, and Dinners (acknowledging specific dietary needs)

  • Comfortable accommodations for your stay in our retreat home

  • Massage/Body work/Reiki 

  • A gorgeous group of heart centered women to connect and share with

  • Group offerings to open the innate wisdom of your soul

  • One on one sessions to tune into personal patterns, restore your body, and align your chakra system

Group Offerings:

Group Tachyon Healing 

An offering that will allow energy from the zero point to clear, balance, and call in higher energies to find harmony and peace. You will learn how to utilize Tachyon anytime, any where, for any thing. 

Energy School

You will learn, practice, and have fun with various techniques to enhance your personal  practice.  

  Also, you will enjoy new strategies for clearing, shielding, enhancing, and calling back your own energy.

Anastarr Sacred Skin

Anastarr's Sacred Skin Care line will change the way you feel about putting anything on your body. She is an artist in all the ways and has created an all organic, delicious product line for us all to pamper ourselves with for the weekend.   

Breath Work

 You will love the way you feel after a session of learning new techniques for optmizing health through breathing. There is an optional cold plunge in Oak Creek Canyon for maximum cellular restore!

Women’s Temple 

A silent transformational experience of moving energy through touch and connection.  This is the ultimate connective experience (prepare for tears)! 

This is a Tesla technology that will raise your vibration through the magic of sound frequencies

Medicine Wheel and Sacred Land Healing

 Acknowledging the wisdom of our ancestors, we will amplify the healing with the medicine of the land and the elements of our own innate wisdom. Your group will experience the powerful vortex energy at the Stupa. Here, we will explore the history of the people and the land. We will walk the medicine wheel, opening the four directions together, and receive a light language blessing as we collectively share in our healing experience.

Group Psychic Sessions with Wendy Wing 

If you have not checked out Wendy Wing, she is THE PSYCHIC.  I have known Wendy for years and am still blown away by the level of information that she can access.  She will share individual and group sessions throughout the weekend together.  

Adaptovitalifuel Elixir Ceremony

Daniel with Space of Love Foods is presenting a delicious elixir of with his adaptogenic Women's Formula.  This product is LEGIT tasty and good for us! 

womensretreat copy.jpeg

Personalized Offerings:

1:1 Psychic Sessions

Wendy Wing will offer you psychic guidance to support you in aligning with your clarity and well-being


Lauren is a Reiki Master/Intuitive and will offer personalized sessions to clear patterns and energy to leave you feeling lighter and more at ease in your own radiant energy!


Keenan has served many clients in Sedona and he is far and away the one of the most skilled and heart centered therapist that I have come across.  Allow yourself to integrate the new wisdom in your body with his support.


Tachyon Ear Candling 

 (optional add on)

Ear Coning with Care can benefit conditions affecting the head and ears such as sinus congestion, ear noises and excessive earwax. Users often describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear/head area and a general calming, relaxing effect.

All Participants Receive Goddess Goodie Bags fully stashed with the following products:

Adaptovitalifuel Samples

Delicious Treats from Interdependence and Chocolate Tree

Yoni Oils by E'leurre

Sacred Skin Care Samples by Anastarr


sage bundles

local sacred geometry adhesive art

and more!

Our 4 day
Women's Retreat

3 nights /4 days with space to accommodate 12 women.

Tiered Pricing Options 

Early bird pricing  until March 27th  (after March 27th refer to second price) 

Tier 1 -  Includes all meals and experiences (option for locals or those who want their own housing) - 1,100

Tier 2 - Includes housing, all meals, all experiences, and  shared room in your own bed - 1,333/1,444

Tier 3 - Includes housing, all meals, all experiences, and private King Room (only 5 available). -- 1,444/1,555

Please note if you would like to share a King bed with a friend, sister, daughter, mother, your entire ticket will only be 1,000/1,222 each. 

Cancellation up to 20 days before for partial refund. 

For questions or to book this retreat

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