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Paved Terrace

Groups & Retreats

We offer half day, full day, 3 day, and 7 day retreats held on the sacred land of
Sedona, Arizona and around the world!

Choose our Sedona Sacred Land retreat, a three day women's retreat, customize your own retreat, or awaken your soul at our Soul Awakening retreats held on sacred land around the world.  

Need a place to stay while visiting Sedona?

Your healing haven awaits you!
Charged up with Tachyon energy from the zero point field, crystals, and sacred geometry in the entire space,
you will enjoy a unique and comfortable experience in the heart of Sedona!

Walk to uptown Sedona - trails, shops, restaurants, tours and come back to your cozy haven. 


Book your stay in Sedona at the

Space of Grace

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