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Kind Words

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"Lauren is love & light embodied. Her compassion for others is in every aspect of how she navigates her sessions with you. She took me places I didn't want to go but desperately needed to get to. Lauren is soft when you feel hard, straight forward & direct when you need it & holds space for people who feel stuck. She moves energy in all those stagnant places & her intuition is keen & drenched in kindness. I feel such gratitude that she not only has this gift but that she shares it with so many folks who have tried so many dualities. Lauren is a gift you want & need, & you absolutely should know with every fiber of your being, that you deserve her light."

Shani - Arizona

"Soul Healing was the game changer I felt coming. Our work together with ancestors & guides had tears flowing — and the fully felt arrival of a very welcome new sense of Freedom! That Freedom had me dancing a labyrinth that evening, and has rippled out into my life. A true Healing expanding beyond the specific thing I had in mind. And yes she works by distance — so you do not have to go to Sedona."

Robert - North Carolina

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"The simplest way I can describe my sessions with Lauren with words would be to say they are totally uplifting and effervescent. I find myself laughing, feeling waves of joy, my heart opening, feeling like I can fly, and at times it's an almost overwhelming sense of love that she can bring through. With Lauren, I have learned that it’s best to relax and open to what she can channel gracefully, and let this universal source energy wash through me like a beautiful rainstorm. I would happily go see Lauren any time I felt low energy, blocked, or a bit down and I know that within minutes I’ll be back to feeling like an angel. Thank you Lauren for being a beautiful conscious portal to the Divine!"

Jamie F. - Colorado

"If you’re lucky enough to be invited to one of Lauren’s retreats, jump at the opportunity! Her retreats are filled with light, love, and hope! Such an enriching, rejuvenating, and delightful time! From the accommodations to the delicious organic food to the soul connections, it’s truly a not-to-miss experience."

Cary R. - California

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"Wow! I didn't know what to expect at the booking, but I experienced 2 deaths in the family in one week, and I have a lot of expansion going on, so I knew I could use some healing support. It was so intuitively correct for me and what I needed. I felt that the message was spot on, relevant, and supportive. The Light Language transmission really activated my solar plexus and throat chakras. I could feel the clearing very strongly. During the Tachyon energy session, I released a lot, and it felt so so restorative. Lauren was so gentle throughout, and she even channeled a message from my loved one on the other side. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace, and I know that I'm where I'm meant to be. Thank you, Lauren! What a gift!"

-Meridyth D.

The women's retreat in Sedona was one of my favorite events I've ever attended. It was super sweet, empowering, uplifting, entertaining and so nice to be surrounded by positive feminine energy! 

- Danika B.

"I am new to Light Language and Tachyon Energy Healing. Lauren did an excellent job in explaining the process and making me feel comfortable.  As soon as she started, I got goosebumps, then chills and a tingling sensation throughout my body.  As I felt into the words I repeated I could feel my heart opening up and a hand on my back, even though there was no one in the room with me.  When the session ended my heart exploded with love, a feeling that stayed with me all day.  My face was glowing.  I felt light and magnificent, a feeling of oneness.  I cannot describe it.  Throughout the day I received nudges to help me manifest my dream life.  Her messages reaffirm my path.  If you are interested in Tachyon Healing, I highly recommend Lauren. She is a beautiful soul.  Her messages are inspiring."  

-Christina S. 

Lauren, after doing the Crystalline healing session with you, I am channeling a lot of light language and even singing higher dimensional tones.

-Irene C.

"I have had profound reiki sessions with Lauren which have left me vibrating higher and feeling lighter in so many ways. I was surrounded by love through and through. As soon as she set the intention to start I could feel how powerful the energy was coming through her. I have had several sessions with Reiki masters and the energy run by Lauren far exceeded those experiences. She holds very angelic qualities and expression. Throughout my sessions I felt held so deeply by loves expression. I have had the deep pleasure to get to know Lauren personally and she continues to amaze me with her vibrancy and love every day. I highly recommend any energy session she offers with great confidence you will be amazed as I have been. I am very careful with who enters my energy field and who I work with energetically I continue to come back to her again and again. Words fall short of explaining the miracles felt. Thank you so much for all you are Lauren! A true angelic master on Earth."

-Athena A.

"I received a distance personalized light language transmission and Tachyon Healing session. Lauren is such a beautiful, magical ray of light. She is so amazing and pure. What she said was exactly what my soul was seeking for. She's so caring throughout the whole process of releasing so much and replacing it with so much light and energy. Her energy made me feel so safe. She really helped me release the blocks of my ancestors and past lives. I feel so much more connected to myself and light after the session. She holds so much space for me to declare my truth and support me with it. She changed my life for the best! Thank you so much!" 

-Saher A.


"Beautiful, what more can I say. I just experienced the most calming session with Lauren. She is so lovely and has such warming and welcoming energy. I could literally feel the stuck energy flow through me and my body release. I felt a tightness in my chest almost just pop free, I felt the muscles in my back release all tension. My mind slowed down, my breath slowed, my entire body experienced a sensation of peace and love. 

Thank you so much Lauren, that was absolute divine timing and I could not be more grateful for your offering."

-Jasmine C.

"Wow, What a peaceful and empowering healing session. Lauren has such unique healing abilities to assist you with elevating your consciousness and humanity at whole. Thank you for helping "me" heal, and ground these new miraculous energies into my life. I feel so grateful and honored. A beautiful Lightworker she is!"

-Caitlin L.

"Lauren was wonderful to work with. Tachyon energy truly works and is lovely to the max!"


"I recently had a combination healing session with Lauren - and I was really blown away by it to be completely honest! We started off with me picking a couple of cards by distance, and honestly, the messages on these two cards were so spot on I couldn’t believe it. So intimately connected to all of the things I have been working on personally for a while now, and hadn’t spoke a word of to Lauren. The healing itself felt amazing - I had never experience Tachyon energy before and I really enjoyed it! Definitely something I would be interested in doing again. And the light language is just so beautiful, I could listen to it for hours! I felt so much lighter after this session, as though I had released a lot of baggage I have been carrying around with me.

Lauren is an absolutely beautiful soul, and it was so nice to connect with her for this healing. She was so welcoming and made me feel completely at ease as soon as we said hello. She walked me through the whole session, and even surprised me by sending me the recording of our call so I can listen to it again!"

- Amanda A.

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