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Tachyon Rods

Tachyon Rods have provided me and so many of my clients with unlimited benefits! These are a super tool for me in my sessions, my sleep, my meditations, clearings, etc.  I even use them to minimize EMF waves while on the computer. 


I am a proud affiliate of Tachyon Living where you can find 100+ Tachyon products! 

Click Here for Tachyon Products!

When you buy your Tachyon Tool, you can call or text me for a free10 minute How to Use session <3. 


Enjoy your Tachyon Tools! 


Tachyon Illumination Rod – Junior Wands 4″


Tachyon Illumination Rods-Power Wands 6″


Tachyon Illumination Rods – Mega Wands 7”

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