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Tachyon Sessions


Natural Healing

Available in person and distance

($30/45 min distance and $50/45 in person)

This is energy brought from the zero point field to clear out stagnant energies out of your body.  In this session we will clear and release anything blocking your energetic system, call in higher vibrational energies, and manifest for pure and crystalline alignment.

This session is meant for you to manifest your best life.  


Tachyon energy has only been proven mathematically in the 1960s, and has actually always been available for us to enjoy. Tachyon energy will be enhanced in our session together by calling in the spirit of Tachyon as well as using Tachyon infused rods, and setting the personal intentions of the client.  

During these sessions, many people feel their bodies tremble or release stagnant energy and experience total calm.  Many feel overall feeling of slowing down and being comfortable in their bodies.  Some people even experience imagery of what is clearing for them! Staying in alignment of your highest vibrational self is taking utmost care of your overall physical, mental, and spiritual energy body and this is a resource for you to do just that!

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