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Poetry as Prescription

Poetry has been one of the most profound ways for me to connect into the subtleties of feelings or emotions that are coming through. Poetry, whether listening, reading, or speaking it, for me is a healing modality for reasons listed here;

- Written words as poems can touch places I cannot always communicate within conversation.

- It is an automatic practice of expression without censoring.

- It creates a sense of connection to the divine in all of us in relation to unspoken themes or topics we avoid or choose not to connect into within ourselves or with loved ones.

- Poetry creates a sense of belonging in even the deepest and darkest pockets of ourselves and others.

- Poetry for me feels like a clearing once it is on paper and out of my heart.

Please let me know if you need support in writing or pick up any of my favorite Poetry books to inspire.

I love Mary Oliver, any books by her are incredible, and listening to them on audio is my preference. My dear friend Jamie Francis also just published her fist poetry book! Her poems have swaddled me like a comfy blanket on the bleakest of days and lifted me like the wind, when I needed the inspiration most.

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