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A Maiden's Mergence

In that moment her wise women stepped forward. She cradled her dear girl by the neck and brought her warm belly and invited her to listen within.

The Wise Woman spoke to her and said, “I have your hand now darling, your heart’s song has been given a second chance to be sung.”

She continued, “I invite you to walk into a brave new venture with us. We are here to expand beyond the lives of our decendants and to send our vibrance into all corners of the Earth.”

“I will guide us through and I promise you this is the new beginning of your rebirth. Trust in me, that I have your souls keepings in my highest intention. That your buried treasures will unearth, flow forth through your body, and outwards from your voice. We will sprinkle these treasures along our path of resonance.”

She rested her hand behind head of the young woman, “We found one another in this exact place in this exact time and you can always whisper your secrets to me. I will never stop holding you and singing with you. We are here to dance in delight at all that comes our way.”

The young woman’s fear slowly dissipated and with tears in her hands she asked. “But will I be afraid? What is to come?”

The Wise Woman spoke, “Of course, you will find yourself feeling all kinds of things, darling. But take pleasure in knowing that you are always safe. There are many of us gently guiding you.”

The Wise Woman continued, “We will peer over ledges with wind tangling our hair across our face. We will find ourselves gazing up under cascading waterfalls. We will sun ourselves on warm rocks like exotic sirens of the sea. There will be imaginative journeys where we will manifest our wishes into miraculous physical matter. And along the way we will meet others who, like us, are sprinkling blessings and drenching the world in new life. More women who, like us, are shedding heavy layers and freeing themselves from within. All around, you will share experiences of incessant enchantments.”

“We will stand with the tallest trees, pushing our feet into black soils, feeling the same strength as they surround us. We will find moments of crystalline clarity where certainty and uncertainty will marry to find a great peace within. We will sit in the grass, under pink skies with golden clouds billowing over head; with tears in our eyes we will give our praise and eternal thanks to all that was is, and will ever be, for us.”

Looking directly into the face of the woman now, the Wise Woman spoke, “If you are ready for this journey you must let go of what could have been and take solace in the spaces within that will offer you discernment. If you really want to breathe in all of these offerings to ignite the fires behind your shadows, you must simply surrender your old ways and allow for rigid thoughts to flow outward and back into light.”

The young woman wrapped her arms around the Wise Woman and took in her words through a long drawn inhale.

Their hearts merged in this moment and they shared an assured smile of new knowingness..

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