Reiki Healing

In Person $75/60 min & $95/90min Available

Reiki energy provides us with the foundation of care and keeping of our energy bodies in way that supports our overall physical, emotional, and mental wellness.  

In doing so, we keep our energetic field clear so to allow our bodies to clear energetic blocks.  When we maintain a clear energetic field we steer ourselves out of stress, anxiety, depression, and dis-ease, so that we our lives flow with abundance and prosperity! 

Everyone, no matter how much or little knowledge on energy, benefits from receiving Reiki and Tachyon Energy.  

When received on a consistent basis, a focused Reiki practice can benefit the individual energy of people who may or may not be struggling in experiences of the following

* Grieving in a process of lost people or past events
* Recovering from substance abuse
Experiencing physical ailments or health issues
* Struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts
* Needing inward forms of healing and do not resonate with talk therapy or desire supplemental treatments on a more energetic level